workplace safety labeling

Workplace Safety Labeling

In every facility there are typically a wide variety of safety signs and labels in use. Safety signs and labels are used to communicate important information or warning notice to employees, workers, customers, emergency responders, and other individuals who may be in the facility. Safety signs and labels are important components of a safe workplace and can help prevent costly accidents, serious injuries, and tragic fatalities when used properly.

Safety signs and labels are used throughout facilities for informational, directional and hazard warning purposes as well as for many other general purposes. Safety signs and labels are commonly placed in many areas of a facility, such as on poles, walls, floors, containers, windows, doors, piping systems, equipment, electrical components, machinery, wiring, ductwork, shelving, and more. Safety signs and labels are found in outdoor locations such as in storage areas and parking lots, or indoor locations such as entrances and exits. Safety signs and labels are also used to mark construction areas or other temporary purposes in facilities.

To be effective safety signs and labels must provide information in a manner that is easy to read and easy to understand. Safety signs and labels often must meet specific requirements regarding the formatting and design; the colors, symbols or pictograms that are used; or the information that is provided. Employers may need to comply with standards and regulations regarding safety signs and labels, and may be subject to citations and fines for failure to comply.

Some safety signs and labels are placed in areas where the signs or labels will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme low or high temperatures, wind, or sunlight. Some signs may be exposed to chemicals or subject to frequent abrasion. Selecting the right materials for the safety signs and labels in your facility is an important consideration. To be effective, safety signs and labels should be made of durable products that are suited for the type of environmental exposure. Safety signs and labels that are made of the right materials will be better able to withstand extreme conditions. Signs or labels made of poor quality products are more likely to fail prematurely and will require frequent and costly replacement.

Custom safety signs and labels are the most effective way to meet the specific compliance requirements needed for individual facilities. When you create custom signs or labels, you can combine the quality and durability you want, with the specific information your facility needs to comply with different standards and regulations.

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